Welcome to ‘Cool Planet’ – Sri Lanka’s favorite department store for toys with a vast range of kids toys, infant items, diversions, and more. We’re committed to giving you the plain best with attention to the most astounding and unwavering quality with uniqueness.

From international brands such as Lego, Barbie, Hot wheels, a vast array of products are available catering all baby, kids and adult toy needs at one roof top.

Pull Along Beads
Creyative Ped Puzzel
Musical Activity Box
Acrobat Janga Game
Counting Match Game
Caterpillar Bowling Game
Marvel Iron Man Mech Armor
Marvel Wolverine Mech Armor
Batman Batmobile The Penguin Chase
Batman & Selina Kyle Motorcycle Pursuit
TBD Ninjago Big Modular Building 2022
TBD Ninjago Legendary Dragon 2022
Block Missile Car
Machinery Technology
Soaring Autogiro
Fire Rescue Bureau
Poison VNO-12
Marvelous Submarine
Crocodile Bear
Teady Bear
Sheep Soft Toy
Elephant Soft Toy
Unicorn Teddy Bear
Lion Soft Toy